Consistent innovation and proficiency


”Usus magister est optimus.”
”Usus magister est optimus.”
”Experience is the best teacher.”

Networking and Connectivity

Network system implementations require broad knowledge of diverse technologies, deep understanding of communication standards, and vast experience with delivering synergy, using heterogeneous products and services.

Only the precise combination of experience and innovations provides best result.

Telco-grade hardware and software tuning and support
In-depth knowledge of critical infrastructure and reliability
Provision networking platforms to solve complex customer-specific problems
Source code maintenance and enhancement of advanced computer network solutions

”Animis opibusque parati.”
”Animis opibusque parati.”
”Prepared in minds and resources.”


Optimization of complex problems requires in-depth familiarity of the technology and existing solutions, attention to details, and ability to think out-of-the box.

High performance networking, hardware and software at a terabit scale
IP Performance measurements, analytics, predictions and capacity planning
Internetworking acceleration, prediction, behavioral analysis and mapping at femtosecond accuracy
Optimization of internet protocols such as: IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, DNS, ICMP, IGMP, BGP/RIP and SSL/TLS
Random generators analysis, tuning and utilisation for different applications
”Animis opibusque parati.”
”Animis opibusque parati.”
”Prepared in minds and resources.”

”Latet enim veritas, sed nihil pretiosius veritate”
”Latet enim veritas, sed nihil pretiosius veritate”
”Truth is hidden, but nothing is more beautiful than the truth”

Information Security

Information security demands discipline, continuous thrive for improvement, thorough knowledge of digital technologies, and good experience with applying security policies to small and large organizations.

Each security threat requires careful analysis and making concise strategical and tactical decisions.
Modern day authentication solutions involve technologies like cryptography, trusted computing and multi-factor authentication solutions
Implementing true confidentiality includes:
strict and accurate on company and customer policies
open and fair with customers, respecting each individual requirement
punctual and thorough hiring process

”Ars est celare artem”
”Ars est celare artem”
”It is art to conceal art”

Managed Web Applications

The key to a good Web application is to be reliable, robust, accurate and at the same time simple.

The following aspects allow to achieve an efficient, stable and complete application:

Reliable real-time data visualization
Integration of hardware and software authentication mechanisms
Clean and functional mobile friendly UX design
Utilization of modern communication methods with underlying software and hardware
Applying latest security policies
Optimisation of data transfer for optimal performance
Persistent upgrade and utilization of constantly evolving frameworks
Usage of newest client-side capabilities for better user experience
Flexible architecture which allows for customization and expandability
”Ars est celare artem.”
”Ars est celare artem.”
”It is art to conceal art.”

”Factis ut credam facis.”
”Factis ut credam facis.”
”No need of words, trust deeds.”

Automation Testing

Automation is the tool allowing people to concentrate on creative ideas, while machines iterate, scale and test those ideas. When approached correctly it can be priceless aid implementing the bravest theories for any networking or software product or service.

Any modern solution includes automation on all levels, to provide the most productive and accurate feedback
Web based tests simulating millions of users accessing a web service
Scanning system interfaces for backdoors and other vulnerabilities
Traffic generation revealing the effect of massive DoS attacks
Network packet inspection and classification
Statistical algorithms to reveal patterns and weaknesses in protection and crypto systems
Diverse catalogue of modern automated testing methodologies allow utilisation at every stage of the design and development process
Behavior-driven development allows defining of high level requirements from top to bottom starting with customer use cases
Test driven development and unit tests allow fast introduction of improvements to every solution, providing a reliable safety net for the design and the implementation of the system
Relying on simulators and mockups allows testing of each element of a complex system in isolation, thus providing the perfect tool for fast problem analysis.
Continuous Integration systems run the process of system verification, in a way that the feature implemented today can be delivered to the customer tomorrow with maximum quality